Monday, July 9, 2007

The Challengues of Public Broadcasting:

Alberto Gonzalez claims ¨The challenge for the PBS in the USA is to get a well-funded and robust public service broadcasting. How can PBS get its independence for the regular cycle -three years: a year of appropriations and two years of authorization- from the Congress and/or the White House? The answer is clear: From a federal trust fund to provide at least $2billion in annual revenue for this service in perpetuity. With this level of budget, you can compete in the market and reach a 4 or 5% of share. Where is this money? Well..., go and check the federal surplus or create a new tax on broadcast advertising. Then, this service will be known and appreciated for the community, then PBS could build a new scheduling with a popular and high level entertainment shows..., buy sports rights and more... A new financial model is the first step of the solution to save PBS, and get more democracy in this country.¨

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